Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

and then....

Row 1000m

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From the Wonderful Rachel at Element:

Tabata No Rack:
95# Front squat
95# push press
1.5 pood KB swing
20" Box jump

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5 rounds for time:

5 clean and jerk 135#/95#
10 pull ups
30 double unders

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3 round for time:

500m run
15 med ball clean 20#/16#
10 one armed shoulder press 25#/25# *2 (switch arms and do another 10)

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I've been taking rest days like they're going out of business.  going to be hitting diet and CrossFit HARD after Christmas to try and get in shape for the CrossFit games Sectionals in March.  W
Push press

rest 5 minutes and thennnn...

Push ups, Situps, Squats

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Tabata at home!

squats 8 intervals
push ups 8 intervals
bent over rows 75# 8 intervals

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